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HOP Promotions live music Wellingborough & Northamptonshire


The Next Major Event

Live Music Wellingborough - Asphodel

heavy metal northamptonshire

live metal corby

Ascend The Skies - live music Wellingborough

Basilisk - metal heads band. Kettering corby and Northants

Awesome live music - very metal

Zombie Hut, Corby, HOP, House Of Pain, House Of Pain Promotions, Wellingborough

Borelia Mass live metal band

Create To inspire live music in Wellingborough

Dead Frequency music entertainment NN8

Dead Silence Northampton music

Dead town nothing metal wellingboorugh - awesome band

Divine Solace playing in Wellingborough Kettering Corby and Northampton with House Of Pain
Midlands Music - live metal entertainment for all

House Of Pain Promotions
The Live music promotion business for Metal

Rarely and for circumstances outside of our control, bands may be substituted at the last minute due to transport issues, weather conditions, illness or other unavoidable situations. Wherever possible the original line-up is maintained (vast majority of cases) but we ask that people understand that we cannot be held responsible for bands that do not arrived as scheduled. Thank you.

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Live Music Northamptonshire - Gig with us directly on here or through Lemonrock
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House of Pain Promotions is a rock / metal / alternative music promotions company.   With our flagship branch in Northamptonshire ( both Wellingborough / Corby ) and a second setting up in Bristol and shows being hosted in Birmingham, we are determined to continue to grow by expanding our territory nationwide.

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HOP Promotions in Wellingborough Northamptons Corby and Northamptonshire is a music promotion business company organisation organisation aimed at bringing metal music, metal heads, live music, live metal music to people. HOPP operates from several venues pubs clubs venues including Raffs Bar, Zombie Hut and a range of other pubs clubs and inns. Looking for new venues. Why are you still reading this you sad muppet? Great range of local band national bands international bands, awesome sounds, new talent, great upcoming bands and the waffle goes on!
Music promotion business owner Skye Day, heavy metal for metal heads - live music wellingborough
Depending on where we are playing, some of our venues offer a cosy atmosphere, friendly locals and amazing staff makes it a fantastic place for everyone! Beer garden is a beautiful, peaceful place to relax while drinking a nice refreshing drink in the summer months, it also accommodates smokers and the car park is also on the premises making it easy accessible of all, including HOP promotions, coaches, northamptonshire. This depends on the venue in question. Zombie hut in Corby has all the above. Rafs bar in Wellingborough does not have a beer garden but there is ample parking a short walk away.

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Disabled access in most venues along with staff who are happy to help is available throughout the premises making HOP Promotions suitable for all customers. To keep everybody amused, in addition to live music there is a jukebox, pool table, dartboard and video arcade games inside many of the venues we play in Metal Bands a speciaility

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